Q: Should I call the office if i'm moving, going on vacation or canceling service?

A. Yes. If you no longer need our services, or are going on vacation for more than 3 weeks, please call the office and inform us.

Q:  When do I put my trash out?
A: Put trash at the curb the night before your scheduled pickup day or by 8:00 am day of service. (If animals are an issue, place in locking lid trashcan.)

Q:  How should my trash be placed at curbside?
A:  Trash should be placed at curb, neatly, bagged and tied, or placed into your own trashcan.

Q:  How do I recycle?
A:  Recycling can be placed at the curb next to your trash in a container. . (such as a rubbermaid tote, laundry basket) All boxes should be broken down.

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