Lance Mallet (Owner / Operator) will be delivering your Roll Off.

10 Yard Roll Off
Height:   3.5 feet
Width :   8 feet
Length:  12 feet 




15 Yard Roll Off

Height:   5 feet

Width :   8 feet

Length:  14 feet

20 Yard Roll Off

Height: 5 feet

Width:  8 feet

Length: 16 feet

30 Yard Roll Off

Height: 5 feet 2 inches

Width: 8 feet

Length: 22 feet

Frequently asked questions

Q: What items can be put in the Roll Off?

A: Demo such as: shingles, wood, metal, flooring, sheetrock, concrete, house hold trash, yard debris.

Q: What items can be placed in the dumpster, but will be an extra charge?

A: Mattress's, tires, tv's, computers, propane tanks, air conditioners, refrigerators, dehumidifiers.

Q: What items CANNOT be put in these dumpsters?

A:  ASBESTOS (there will be a fine and the asbestos will be returned) 

Q:  How long can I rent a Roll Off for?
A:  The Roll Offs are left on site for approx 2 weeks. Extra time can be scheduled but a rental fee may apply.

Q: Do I have to call when the Roll Off is full / ready to be removed?

A: Yes. Please call or email when the roll off is ready to be removed. Please specify if the dumpster needs to be swapped out with an empty one.